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Welcome to Piglets Choice, where you can sample the best in real Cider and proper Perry.

Piglets Choice is an award winning cider, that we strive to maintain.  Take a look at our ‘About Piglets’ section, to learn more about who and what we are.

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Piglets Choice is available in a number of pubs and shops, press the button to see where you can enjoy our Piglets Choice.

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All of our Cider and Perry is pressed in Somerset from 100% Cider apples and Perry pears in the traditional way.

Most of the fruit is collected by us, using the traditional methods dating back 100s of years from our own orchards in Nempnett Thrubwell.  Making sure only the best of the apples are used in the making of our award winning ciders.

For More details on the process involved please take a tour of the website.


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This is how and where Piglets Cider & Perry began

Find out how we started and whats behind Piglets Cider & Perry.


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