Where To Find Us

Piglets Cider & Perry can be found in a number of pubs and bars through out the SouthWest.

We are currently in a number of local farm shops and  store.   if you’d like to see us in a shop near you, let us know and we’ll look into spreading our distribution further.

piglets perry

With Piglets Cider & Perry currently distributed nationwide, we are always looking to go further.  We currently reach Newcastle to Bournemouth, as well as our local suppliers and pubs.

Piglets Cider & Perry is currently available in over 60+ local pubs around the South West.  We’d love to reach out to more which is our aim over the next few years.


If you’d like to see us in a shop near you, let us know or ask the shop/pub to get in touch and we’ll do the rest.  You could soon be supping a nice cold glass of Perry or Traditional cider very soon, bought from your local shop.

You can also find us at ‘Fetch The Drinks’ and enjoy a pint at ‘ Pebbles Tavern in Watchet’.  Click the logo & Pub to go directly to the ‘Fetch The Drinks’ website and Pebbles Tavern.

If your a supplier and you’d like to stock us on your shelves please get in touch.  We’d love to hear from you.

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