Piglets Perry

Piglets Perry

Piglets Perry

Our Piglets Choice Perry is crafted from the best Somerset Perry pear orchard, with pear trees dating back over a century old.

Most of these tree’s contain some very rare varieties like the ‘Claret’ and the ‘Helens Green’.  It’s due to these special trees our Perry has won multi awards for 1st place. ABV 6.5%.

Award Winning

Voted 1st Place Gold Camra Award at the National Championships Reading 2017 & 2018.


piglets pear

The Perry pears come from the next village, where the old trees date back as far as 108 years old and are the size of giant oak trees.

Using the traditional method of collecting the fruit and when we say traditional we mean by hand.  We get to see what every apple and pear looks like, before being selected to go to crushing.

Piglets Perry has won a number of awards since 2014, with its smooth taste and texture you’ll see why its won three 1st place awards.

This year it won the best award out there for being voted ‘Best Perry in the Nation’.  This is an award were extremely proud of and strive to maintain.

piglets perry

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